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  • Nomad Heat Wool slippersNomad Heat Wool slippers with elastic closure on the back

    FEATURES Soft flexible sole Regulate temperature for comfort in wide range of climates Regulate moisture to prevent sweating Breathable Perfect for use in sleeping bags, tents, cottages, homes. Elastic strap closure for easy slip on and slip off   MATERIALS Oeko-tex certified Virgin Wool Other materials: No   PRODUCT CARE […]

  • Nomad Heat Camping mattress, camping padNomad Heat Camping mattress, camping pad - detail on the filling

    Extremely good restorative sleep with the ultimately luxurious camping pad.
    Using only all-natural materials – linen and wool, provides unbeatable temperature and moisture regulation and zero noise for unparalleled comfort during sleep.
    Suitable for travelers going on adventures with tents and RVs.

  • Heavy Wool BlanketNomad Heat Heavy Wool Blanket with Philip

    An all-natural heavy wool blanket combining ancient nomadic traditions, contemporary design, and durability.

    100% temperature regulative wool heat bringing you the coziness of a heavy hug, wherever you go.

    Suitable for people suffering from allergies and MCS. Completely chemical-free, with no off-gassing, and zero VOCs.

    Handcrafted by Bulgarian artisans using 100% biodegradable, sustainable, and renewable materials.

  • Nomad Heat Travel PillowNomad Heat Travel Pillow with wool filling

    Suitable for travelers going on adventures with tents and RVs.