Bringing the life and the experience of modern adventurers closer to nature and to that of Mongol nomads was what inspired us to create Nomad Heat. We truly believe that sleep has the magic to heal and help us thrive and we’re highly motivated to offer you better and healthier sleep wherever you are.

The Nomad Heat sleeping bags collection is the perfect alternative for MCS sufferers, kids, and all of you looking for all-natural camping experience with no synthetics and chemicals.


Rosica Petrova

Rositsa Petrova is the founder of Home of Wool, a studio creating all-natural wool mattresses and home décor pieces. All of them are made to order and completely customizable.

A camping and trekking enthusiast herself, she believes that living closer to nature is the best choice one has to make for better health and healthier sleep.

Nomad Heat is a natural continuation of Home of Wool, bringing healthier sleep outdoors.

Philip Lhamsuren

Philip Lhamsuren

A solo adventurer, writer, and real survivor, Philip Lhamsuren is the third person ever to cross the Amazon jungle using only a canoe, a bicycle, and his own feet.

“The human body is the most honest means of transport; physical effort encourages our spirit to soar and makes us better people,” Philip believes.

His solo expedition through Amazonia, described in his books and movies, is one of the most inspiring modern-day adventures.