Grunnleggende om vintercamping

Nomad Heat Grunnleggende om vintercamping

An essential part of camping is the ability to adapt to the surrounding environment. Once the temperatures drop, the landscape transforms drastically, and our survival priorities move with the seasonal changes. Winter camping may offer bug-free nights and cold fresh air, but at the same time, it carries dangers such as avalanches or hypothermia. Each season has its charm and risks, this is why it’s vital to prepare yourself when facing the unpredictable wild. To do so, it’s best to have a basic grasp of how to make a camp, select the right gear, and be able to take care of your crucial physical needs.


Establish Your Winter Camping Ground

The first thing to consider when going winter camping is picking the right spot for setting up your tent. Always aim for an area with natural protection such as a tree line, hill, or rocks that can provide sufficient coverage from harsher winds. However, make sure you are not camping near a damaged tree, falling rocks, or a steep slope – all of these pose a real danger, especially if the weather is unfavorable. 

Try to set up your tent on either bare ground or pure snow. Winter camping over patchy spots with vegetation will provide poor support and will make your tent floor uneven, if not completely unstable. Choose a good sunny spot that has a maximum amount of UV exposure so you can harvest the limited winter sun to the fullest. Having a natural source of heat can be a day or night experience in terms of temperature management. 

Nomad Heat The Basics of Winter Camping - tent

Make sure you set up next to a good water source – that can be either a river or an area with clean and ready-to-melt snow. However, always look after your privacy and try to create more space between you and the other winter camping enthusiasts. Creating sufficient space at least 200 ft between you and your tent neighbors is a crucial part of camping etiquette. 

Leave no trace at your campsite. During winter, some people are more likely to cut down live trees since the lack of leaves and color diffusing can be confusing – make sure to double-check the health of the tree before taking any measures. If you are having a fire, using dead downed wool is the best option. Pack your organic and non-organic waste in plastic bags and try to dig deeper toilets – a usual rule of thumb is at least 8 inches if the elevation is lower.

Choose The Right Gear for Winter Camping


The most essential gear that will provide the best protection against the elements is the tent. Going with a double-wall tent is a practical choice for insulating yourself from the extreme temperatures outside. The mesh interior will allow for better ventilation and prevent condensation while the outer coating, heavy-duty rain fly, for example, will shelter you from the wind, snow, and any passing storms. For inter camping it’s all essential to have a 4- season tent that is waterproof and designed to withstand snowfall – look out for sturdy construction, a snow skirt, and a covered vestibule

Sovepose i ull

The bread and butter of winter camping have always been the warm wool sleeping bags. During extreme temperatures and harsh weather, sleep is ever so vital for keeping up good energy levels and a sharp mind. Investing in a quality product that will improve your health and sleep will transform your travels into a much more memorable and enjoyable experience.

Nomad Heat’s sleeping bag er laget av naturlig ull, lin og morbærsilke. Ullvatteringen på innsiden gir enestående temperatur- og fuktighetskontroll. Og mullbærsilken gir et komfortabelt og slitesterkt inner- og ytterfôr. I tillegg til at materialene er skånsomme mot huden, avgir de ingen lyd ved vridning eller andre bevegelser.

Nomad Heat The Basics of Winter Camping - sleeping bag

Arm- og benåpningene gir god bevegelighet og gjør at du kan gjøre mye av morgen- og kveldsstellet uten å gå ut av soveposen. Den toveis glidelåsen gir enda bedre kontroll, og sørger for fullstendig temperaturregulering. Den innvendige lommen på innsiden er et trygt sted å oppbevare verdifulle eiendeler. Muligheten for avtakbar eller fast hette er bare en brøkdel av de tilpasningsmulighetene du kan velge, for hver eneste lille detalj i ullsoveposen kan skreddersys etter din smak og idé.

Soveposen i ull egner seg til alle typer tradisjonell camping. Den er luksuriøs, slitesterk og multifunksjonell. Du kan bruke den i et femstjerners campingtelt, ligge komfortabelt i varebilen eller se på stjernene med bare utstyret og soveposen. Produktet egner seg også ypperlig til glamping, overlanding eller VR-camping.

Wool Sleeping Pad

If you seek extra comfort and support for your journey, you may find great value in using a wool camping pad. The piece will offer you more cushioning and elevation from the cold and hard ground. The unique 100% natural wool filling will act as an excellent insulator that will protect you from the cool dirt and the cold air circulating at ground level. Relax and enjoy the open-air nights without sleep interruption, as the pad’s material makes no noise when you move.

Campingunderlaget er kledd i 100%-lin og er ekstremt slitesterkt og effektivt smussavvisende og fukttransporterende. Den uovertrufne komforten og støtten kompletteres av et flatt design uten synlige dusker. Glidelåsene på innlegget gir deg mulighet til å regulere ullfyllets volum og fasthet.

Du kan bruke liggeunderlaget i nesten alle campingsituasjoner, enten det er på bakken, i teltet, varebilen eller bobilen. Bærestroppene gjør forflytningen enkel og rask. Hvis du ønsker å komplimentere soveposen din, kan du være sikker på at dette ullunderlaget er det perfekte campingunderlaget.

Set Up Camp And Follow The Basics

Once you have your gear ready and have chosen the right place, you will have to set up the foundations of your camp. Start by packing down the snow, the compression of the snow will give you good solid support and will even out the terrain for your tent. You may use your boots or snowshoes and skis to make the process more efficient and uniform. Once the ground has been prepared, you can start setting up the tent.

If the weather is extra harsh and the wind is too strong, it’s a good idea to build a snow wall around the tent. This will significantly reduce the wind impact and take a load of the wind pressure from your tent. However, try not to surround barricade yourself, as you still need sufficient ventilation.

When winter camping, always check the ground for sharp any striking sharp objects such as rocks or sticks. The snow can hide many such sharps which may lead to the tearing or breakage of your tent. The ground should be smooth and hard, and the compressed snow should feel like smushed soil.

Nomad Heat The Basics of Winter Camping - basics

Try to eat hot and simple meals that don’t require a lot of prep time or cleaning since the cold will make any sanitizing process a hassle. Any one-pot meal or freeze-dried entrees will do wonders when the hunger hits and you don’t have much energy or time to cook. 

Store your food sealed in your bag or hung it from a tree using a stuffed tack and a rope. This way you will limit your encounter with hungry bears or any other dangerous wildlife. Remember that wild animals have fewer resources available during cold weather and this makes them more opportunistic. Keep good hygiene and store your meals carefully, and you will avoid any unnecessary risks. 

Keep yourself hydrated at all times. Winter camping can be especially taxing to the body, even if you may not feel like you lose a lot of water. Drinking hot drinks such as tea, coffee, or even soup is the best way to replenish your body with both heat and water. If you wish to melt snow, always make sure that it’s bright white and clean, and avoid all snow with impurities in it. Before melting it, add water to void scorching the snow since this may give an off-burn-like taste.

Winter camping is an especially rewarding experience, but its peculiarities come with dangers. Snowstorms, hungry animals, and the cold pose real hazard to both experienced and inexperienced campers. However, being prepared and having the proper equipment will significantly reduce the risks and make the journey comfortable and refreshing. 


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