The Pillow Talk: Why Campers Are Falling in Love with Camping Pads That Feel Like a Hug

Materasso da campeggio Nomad Heat, materassino da campeggio in uso dal modello

Hey there, adventurer! We know you enjoy camping, but when was the last time you did have a good night’s sleep out there? Sound sleep is essential for a genuinely enjoyable camping experience, and this is where a camping pad comes into play.

If you are a beginner in outdoor adventures, then camping pads are probably not the first thing on your list, but they are a vital piece of gear that can make a difference in your camping adventure. Having a sleeping bag is a must, but it works best only if you put a camping pad under it.

Here is why you need a camping pad and some tips on how to choose the perfect one for you.

Thermal Insulation

Thermal insulation is one of the most important functions that a camping pad should serve. In colder conditions, even in the tent, the ground can draw away body heat and that could be quite uncomfortable and sometimes even dangerous for your health. As versatile as they can be, camping pads are all designed with insulating materials, to keep your body warm and cozy during sleep. Wool being the greatest natural insulator, we use it in all our camping pads and sleeping bags to give you the ultimate thermal insulation and comfort temperature throughout the night.

Temperature and Moisture regulation

A good sleeping pad will also be able to help your body control temperature and moisture so that you feel equally well when it’s hot and when it’s cold out there. Temperature and

moisture regulation are some of the greatest benefits of wool. No wonder it is the perfect material for any camping product line, creating the perfect sleeping environment in any season. Using only all-natural materials – linen and wool, the Nomad Heat camping pads provide unbeatable temperature and moisture regulation.

Comfort & Body Support 

A comfortable sleeping surface is a camping pad’s ultimate and primary purpose. If you’ve slept in a tent, you know what we are talking about. Sometimes the ground can be hard and uneven, with roots and rocks scattered everywhere. A good camping pad offers cushioning and perfect body support, allowing you to rest well and wake up bright.

Perfect for tents, RV’s, caravans, and campers, the Nomad Heat wool-filled camping pad will even go a step further and give you the most restorative sleep ever. Hello, glamping! 😉

“As good as a camping mattress can get. The perfect mattress for my converted camper minivan. I bought the twin size and built a fold-out frame to fit it, and I have never slept better on the road. No uncomfortable spots or air pumps or noisy unhealthy plastic. The only downside is that it’s spoiled me for everything else! 10/10 and well worth it.” John Russell

What is the best wool camping pad for you?

Not sure what kind of camping pad to choose? The first question you should ask yourself is what kind of a trip you are up to.

Is there a lot of hiking included or you are just going to relax and enjoy the view? If you plan a lot of hiking and exploration, then a lightweight version of a camping mat is better for you.

If you plan to sleep in an RV, a camper, or even a tent, but with not much moving around, the wool-filled cuscino da campeggio would be the perfect fit for you.

Materasso da campeggio Nomad Heat, materassino da campeggio legato al modello

When choosing the perfect camping pad or camping mat, you should also consider the size and shape that will suit your needs. Looking for a specific size? Need a queen camping pad? Great news – our wool-filled camping pads are all customizable so you can easily go duo.

Sacco a pelo Nomad Heat duo

For anyone serious about camping, camping pads and mats are not only a luxury, but a necessity. From comfort and body support to insulation, the camping pad is designed to enhance and sometimes even save your camping adventure.


Acquista ora

  • US$322US$340

    Handmadepersonalizzabileall-natural woven wool mat for camping. Provides unbeatable thermal insulation and temperature control throughout the night. Suitable for travelers going on adventures with tents. Lightweight for comfortable hiking. Combine with a wool sleeping bag for the best camping experience.
    Completely chemical-free, with no off-gassing e zero VOCsIpoallergenico, suitable for people with chemical sensitivities, including MCS. Naturally dust mite and mildew-resistant, anti-microbialanti-bacterial, e flame-resistant.
    100% biodegradable using only sustainable renewable materials.

    DIMENSIONE: 23.6 x 79″ (60 x 200 cm)

  • Sacco a pelo Nomad Heat duoSacco a pelo Nomad Heat duo (2)

    Un sonno estremamente ristoratore con il lussuoso sacco a pelo Camp.
    L'utilizzo di materiali completamente naturali - lino, seta di gelso e lana - garantisce un'imbattibile regolazione della temperatura e dell'umidità e un'assenza di rumore per un comfort senza pari durante il sonno.
    Adatto a chi viaggia all'avventura con tende e camper.
    *Usare all'aperto con un sacco da bivacco.

  • Materasso da campeggio Nomad Heat, materassino da campeggioMaterasso da campeggio Nomad Heat, materassino da campeggio - dettaglio dell'imbottitura

    Un ottimo sonno ristoratore con il lussuoso materassino da campeggio.
    L'utilizzo di materiali completamente naturali - lino e lana - garantisce un'imbattibile regolazione della temperatura e dell'umidità e un'assenza di rumore per un comfort senza pari durante il sonno.
    Adatto a chi viaggia all'avventura con tende e camper.

  • Pantofole Nomad Heat WoolPantofole Nomad Heat Wool con chiusura elastica sul retro

    CARATTERISTICHE Suola morbida e flessibile Regolano la temperatura per il comfort in un'ampia gamma di climi Regolano l'umidità per prevenire la sudorazione Traspirante Perfetto per l'uso in sacchi a pelo, tende, cottage, case. Chiusura con cinturino elastico per una facile calzata e sfilata MATERIALI Lana vergine certificata Oeko-tex Altri materiali: No CURA DEL PRODOTTO [...]

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