As a continuation of Home of Wool, Nomad Heat shares the same mission of bringing people closer to nature and optimal health. Here, we step away from the home and go right into the great outdoors with our unique wool sleeping bag.

The marriage between millennia-old Mongolian tradition and modern-day technology results in a one-of-a-kind product. A product that ロシツァ・ペトロヴァ, the co-founder of Nomad Heat, created with passion and skill. So, let’s find out the ins and outs of the wool sleeping bag and see why it will be a key ingredient in your camping experience.

How did it all start?

The idea

The origin story begins with Rosica’s quest to find a sleeping bag with natural, durable, and sustainable materials. “The idea was born thanks to a trip I went on last year. I had to buy a sleeping bag since we were outdoors for three good days,” she says.

After much research and headaches, Rosica finds out that her choices boil down to only one course of action. “Everything was made with either synthetic or down. Synthetics are not an option, and down is inhumane. After a while, I had the epiphany that I can make my wool sleeping bag. And so it began.”

The materials

According to Rosica, the hardest part was finding the proper natural materials for a functional, light, and cozy sleeping bag. “It’s no secret that wool is on the heavier side, I had to do an extensive search for a light fabric that will balance out the net weight. Mulberry silk was the lightest and purest natural fabric I could find out there,” she says. Soon, フィリップ・ラムスレン, the explorer who crossed the Amazon all by himself, joined the venture as a co-founder.

“Philip was responsible for the design and the features while I took care of the construction and choice of materials,” Rosica says. The synergy between Philip’s experience and cultural heritage and Rosica’s drive and creativity finally culminated with the first-of-its-kind wool sleeping bag. “To create the sleeping bag with Philip’s ideas, my input, and our conversations took a few weeks,” Rosica says. “We tailored it, made corrections, and went through several versions until we find what would be most comfortable and perfect size-wise.”

The success

Ever since Rosica and Philip designed the sleeping bag, their creation has been an irreplaceable part of their travels. As a product that provides deep sleep, rest, and comfort, it wasn’t a surprise that they wanted to share it with the rest of the world. “We were the first to test it, and we simply loved it! We realized that it was as if we were sleeping at home on our wool mattress and wool duvet – absolute comfort and warmth,” Rosica says.

Design and use of the wool sleeping bag?

The most natural way to experience nature

The sleeping bag is made out of natural wool, linen, and mulberry silk. The wool batting inside provides unparallel temperature and moisture control while the mulberry silk coats the piece with an inner and outer lining of comfort and durability. “Silk is an extremely strong material. It’s as thin and light as its synthetic alternatives. It’s durable and stable – it won’t deform or misshape. Not only does silk share the best qualities of its synthetic counterparts, but it surpasses them on many levels,” Rosica says.

The wool is 100% natural and comes from local small Bulgarian sheep farmers. It contains no bleaches, fire retardants, or chemicals as the aim of the product is to let people enjoy the wild in the utmost natural way possible. Wool’s breathability and hypoallergenic properties provide a comfortable and healthy environment for your well-being. It diminishes odor by repelling bacteria, microbes, and mildew, leaving you as fresh as the mountain air.

Begin Your Adventure with Nomad Heat’s Wool Sleeping Bag - the creators

The inspiration for the choice of materials and the product’s multifunctionality comes from the nomad culture and philosophy. The design is borrowed from the national Mongolian dress called deel, which serves as clothing, temporary shelter, or a bed. The wool sleeping bag is a versatile product that has a lot of tricks up its sleeve.

Freedom of movement

The arm and leg openings provide mobility and allow you to do much of your morning and night tasks without getting out of the sleeping bag. “At night, it’s super uncomfortable when you have to get out of the sleeping bag right into the cold,” Rosica says. “Luckily, this feature allows you to walk freely, drink water, or switch on a lamp while being in the warm hug of your sleeping bag.”

Perfect temperature

For even further control, the two-way zipper allows for complete temperature regulation. The internal pocket inside provides a safe place for your valuable belongings. The option for a removable or fixed hood is only a fraction of the custom modification you may choose to do, as each little detail in the wool sleeping bag can be tailored to your own taste and idea.

Custom made to fit you

The magic happens in our small artisan shop, where each piece is handmade with passion and skill. “A customer can also send us a template, an imprint of their body on a piece of paper so we can tailor it much like a suit,” Rosica says. “The sleeping bag has more free space compared to the conventional mummy-like bags. It’s comfortable, and you can turn on your sides.

Begin Your Adventure with Nomad Heat’s Wool Sleeping Bag - sleeping bag with model

Completely silent nights

Speaking of movement, the combination of wool batting and silk lining offers the luxury of silence. Apart from being gentle to the skin, the materials make no sound upon turning or other general movements. “ The noise synthetic sleeping bags make is not a minor inconvenience. You can hear each time the person next to you moves – this is terrible if you are a light sleeper,” she says. “To top it off, most synthetics are very slippery, making it hard to stay in one place. That’s not an issue with our wool sleeping bag.”

The perfect warmth for any season

Apart from the size, one can choose the type of thickness they want depending on the camping season. The three options are Light, Zero, and Extreme. Light is perfect for the summer months, while Zero will cover your needs in the spring and autumn as you can sleep without issues at 0 C with proper underwear. During the winter cold, you can be assured that the Extreme option will keep you warm and cozy. On average, the wool sleeping bags are heavier than their synthetic counterparts, with the Extreme being the heaviest at around 6.5 lbs, the Zero standing at 4.5 lbs, and the Light weighting 2.5 lbs. All sleeping bags come with a special easy-to-carry pack that will help shave off a bit of the extra load.


If you share Rosica’s passionate desire for clean and natural products, you will be happy to hear that the wool sleeping bag is sustainable and environmentally friendly. All the materials are completely reusable and biodegradable. “I don’t use synthetics because the product will be eventually thrown away and pollute the environment. It’s important for me to use natural products for both my health and the health of the planet,” she says. “I carry the wool sleeping bag on my back. It’s no more than a pound heavier than the synthetic ones. I don’t think this pound of extra weight has ever stopped me from reaching my destination.”

Designed to fit your camping goals

The wool sleeping bag is suitable for all-type traditional forms of camping. It’s luxurious, durable, and multifunctional; you can use it in your five-star camping tent, rest in the comfort of your van, or watch the stars with nothing but some gear and your wool sleeping bag. The product is also incredible for glamping, overlanding, or VR camping. The design and the material choice provide a unique baseline of comfort and support that make the sleeping bag versatile and useful in any camping situation.

Product care

Natural wool, linen, and silk are durable materials that can be used for many years as long as they’re taken care of. Just like any other product, the wool sleeping bag requires maintenance and protection from harsh environmental stressors.

Prepare the base

“It can resist a light degree of moisture exposure but just like any other sleeping bag, it should be protected from the wet ground and rain. You always need insolation between the ground and the sleeping bag,” Rosica says. “You may use dry leaves and sticks, or anything else that may serve as a layer of insolation. Our heavy wool blankets are a great option if you are overlanding. They are thick, and the wool will naturally repel the moisture.”

Protect yourself from rain and snow

Once the wool sleeping bag has a nice and dry foundation, it’s also key to protect it from rain, frost, and dew. “If you aren’t using a tent, any fabric will do. Just put it up like a roof, and you will be covered,” she says. “This is the principle of all sleeping bags – keep them protected from moisture, and they will last.”

ノマド・ヒート - フィリップ・ラムスレンとノマド・ライフスタイル (6)

Dry your bag in the morning

During sleep, we sweat, breathe, and exude a lot of moisture that remains trapped within the sleeping bag. However, wool is extremely breathable and dries out times faster than synthetic materials. “Like any other sleeping bag, this one should be dried after sleeping, otherwise, the excess moisture might damage the quality of the product. Just hang it on a branch and let the sun and wind dry it out,” Rosica says. Prolonged exposure to sunlight may discolor the material, but the time interval for drying is more than safe. “As long as you don’t leave the sleeping bag in the hot sun for three days, there will be no problem.”

Wash your bag

The wool sleeping bag is machine washable on a wool cycle (max 30° C). It doesn’t shrink or change shape.

The natural fire-resistant property of wool makes it a camping-safe product that won’t fuel any accidental fires as the product isn’t readily ignitable and doesn’t propagate a flame.

In contrast to its synthetic counterparts, upon damage and tear, the bag can be easily sewn back and doesn’t require special repair glues.



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