Schlafsäcke aus Wolle für Kinder: Der Leitfaden für Eltern zum gemütlichen Camping

Camping and camping with kids are two entirely distinct adventures. While camping with kids can be an extremely rewarding experience, there is so much planning involved that it almost kills the buzz. As experts in sleep, camping, and wool, we have prepared your parents’ guide to wool sleeping bags for kids so you can be ahead of the curve.

Ensuring kid’s comfort and safety during outdoor excursions is crucial for every parent but why and how is a wool sleeping bag the best choice for your little adventurers? It all comes to 3 magic words: comfort, safety, and health.

The Perfect Size for a Kid Sleeping Bag

Even a regular camping trip can turn into an unforgettable glamping experience if you have the right-sized sleeping bag. And the other way around, the not-so-proper fit can ruin the “sleep tight” part of the adventure.

The right-sized sleeping bag allows enough room for movement but not too much space for your kids to get cold in it. As a rule of thumb, consider purchasing a slightly larger size to accommodate growth. But what about if you could create a custom-size sleeping bag? Here at Nomad Heat, we are experts in customization. A customer can even send us a template, an imprint of their body on a piece of paper and we can tailor it much like a suit, our founder and camping enthusiast Rosica says. Our wool sleeping bag has more free space compared to the conventional mummy-like bags. As comfortable as they can feel, kids can turn on their sides inside, and still stay warm and cosy.

The Perfect Temperature for Sleeping under the Stars

Temperature is another point to consider when choosing a sleeping bag for your kid. In the ideal scenario, the sleeping bag should be able to maintain the comfort temperature. In terms of temperature regulation there is no better material than wool itself – keeping you cool when it’s hot, and warm when it’s cold outside.

It is important to consider the thickness of the sleeping bag according to the season in which it will be used. The three options we offer cover all the camping seasons. The Light thickness is perfect for the summer months, while Zero will cover your kid’s needs in the spring and autumn as they can sleep without issues at 0 C with proper layering and thermal underwear. If you are a truly adventurous kind of a parent and want to experience the winter cold with your kids, then our Extreme option will have you covered. Don’t forget the layering and the thermal underwear inside the sleeping bag!

The Perfect Kids-Friendly Design

One of the best features of our kid-friendly design is the arm and leg openings that provide mobility and allow your kids to do most of their morning and night tasks without getting out of the sleeping bag. Camping enthusiasts all know how uncomfortable it is at night to get out of

the sleeping bag right into the cold in case you need to. Imagine what it is to a kid! We have sorted this out, designing a sleeping bag that allows your kid to walk freely, drink water, or switch on a lamp while experiencing the comforting embrace of the wool sleeping bag.

On top of that we have designed an optional fixed or removable hood with drawstrings, which reduces noise and increases comfort, an internal pocket to valuables, and a rectangular foot box for the comfort of your kids’ playful feet. The Nomad Heat kid sleeping bag also comes with a two-way zipper that allows for complete temperature regulation.

Nomad Heat Kinder's Wolle Schlafsack Trek Pro (2)
Nomad Heat Kinder's Wolle Schlafsack Trek Pro - offener Fußkasten
Nomad Heat Children's Wolle Schlafsack Trek Pro - Fußbox mit Reißverschluss

What are the other magic benefits of a wool sleeping bag for the health and safety of your kids?

Natural Insulation: Wool is a fantastic natural insulator, keeping your child warm during chilly nights. Unlike synthetic materials, wool retains heat even when damp, ensuring a comfortable sleep regardless of the weather.

Breathability: Wool fibers have natural moisture-wicking properties, allowing sweat to evaporate and preventing overheating. This breathability ensures that your child stays dry and comfortable throughout the night.

Durability: Wool sleeping bags are made of extremely durable and high-quality materials –a true long-lasting investment for your child’s outdoor adventures. They can withstand rough handling and frequent use, making them ideal for active kids.

Hypoallergen: Wool is naturally hypoallergenic and resistant to dust mites, mold, and mildew, making a wool sleeping bag a safe choice for children with allergies, MCS, or just a bit more sensitive skin.

Feuerbeständig: Wool is naturally flame retardant, so no additional chemicals need to be added to it.


Choosing a wool sleeping bag for your next family camping trips, you can be confident that your kids are going to have the best sleep experience under the stars – in the hug of the finest natural mulberry silk and wool!


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  • Nomad Heat Kinder's Wolle Schlafsack Trek ProNomad Heat Kinder's Wolle Schlafsack Trek Pro (2)

    Extrem guter, erholsamer Schlaf mit dem ultraluxuriösen Kinderschlafsack aus Wolle.
    Die Verwendung von ausschließlich natürlichen Materialien - Maulbeerseide und Wolle - sorgt für eine unschlagbare Temperatur- und Feuchtigkeitsregulierung und bietet einen unvergleichlichen Schlafkomfort ohne Geräusche.
    Geeignet für Reisende, die mit Zelten und Wohnmobilen auf Abenteuerreise gehen.

  • Decke aus schwerer WolleNomad Heat Heavy Wool Blanket mit Philip

    Eine Decke aus schwerer, naturbelassener Wolle, die alte Nomadentraditionen, modernes Design und Langlebigkeit vereint.

    100% temperaturregulierende Wärme aus Wolle bringt Ihnen die Gemütlichkeit einer schweren Umarmung, wohin Sie auch gehen.

    Geeignet für Allergiker und MCS-Patienten. Völlig chemiefrei, ohne Ausgasungen und ohne flüchtige organische Verbindungen.

    Handgefertigt von bulgarischen Kunsthandwerkern aus 100% biologisch abbaubaren, nachhaltigen und erneuerbaren Materialien.

  • Nomad Heat Wool Schlafsack Trek ProNomad Heat Wool Schlafsack Trek Pro - Übersicht

    Extrem guter, erholsamer Schlaf mit dem ultraluxuriösen Trek Pro Sleeping Bag.
    Die Verwendung von ausschließlich natürlichen Materialien - Maulbeerseide und Wolle - sorgt für eine unschlagbare Temperatur- und Feuchtigkeitsregulierung und bietet einen unvergleichlichen Schlafkomfort ohne Geräusche.
    Geeignet für Reisende, die mit Zelten und Wohnmobilen auf Abenteuerreise gehen.

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