Trek Pro Zero Sleeping Bag / Custom for Jan





210 x 80 cm – widest and longest part. Other dimensions are according to customer drawing

THICKNESS/LOFT: 500 grams of wool batting per sq. meter


SHELL FABRIC:100% Mulberry Silk inner and outer


Ironing and dry cleaning can damage your sleeping bag’s shell and insulation. The chemical compounds used in dry cleaning can strip away the natural oils in wool and hot ironing may damage the shell.


Spot Cleaning

Washing the whole sleeping bag will make it susceptible to wear and will decrease its loft, making it less fluffy. Your best option for keeping the sleeping bag clean and in perfect condition is spot cleaning. Make sure to regularly clean the hood and the collar area.

Use a DIY paste-like mixture of non-detergent soap and water
Spread the paste on a small soft brush or sponge and clean the shell of the sleeping bag with gentle moves
Rinse the treated area of the fabric with lukewarm water – make sure to hold the fabric away from the wool filling inside so that it doesn’t soak
Let it air-dry completely on a flat surface in the sun


Washing is possible but make sure to follow the instructions carefully:

Before putting the sleeping bag in the machine, make sure to zip up all the zippers
Use water temperature up to 30°C (90°F) and a gentle cycle
Use a detergent for wool or silk. Do not bleach. Do not add fabric softeners or stain removers – they might affect the sleeping bag’s performance
Avoid using a top-loading machine with an agitator


Fill your tub with lukewarm water
Use wool detergent, but avoid using too much of it since it will be harder to rinse it out
Put the sleeping bag in the tub and gently rub together the most heavily dirt-affected areas
Use a soft sponge to go through the whole shell of the sleeping bag
Let it soak for up to an hour and drain the water
Gently press out any remaining water on the sleeping bag
Fill the tub with lukewarm water to rinse. Gently work out the soap and drain
Repeat the rinsing procedure until there is no soap left


The sleeping bag will be heavy when wet so you might need a little help handling it
Do not tumble dry
Air-dry it on a flat surface, preferably in the sun
Avoid twisting the sleeping bag to remove excess water but if you need to, squeeze it out lightly

* Custom items are not returnable.
* Shipping time is not guaranteed and is the sole responsibility of the shipping company.
* The wool fibers are in various natural colors and have the natural odor of sheep, which will be gone in a couple of months.

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Trek Pro Zero Sleeping Bag / Custom for Jan